Here in Herotok you can spend your time with joy and effortless and easy steps to activate your account, make money by playing and participating in our international events. Now become a member of Herotok through registration on the website:


then activate your account as follow:

If Registered through filling information :

1- Complete registration by clicking on "Create account" and fill in the required information.

2- Emil from Herotok will be sent to your registered email on the website (inbox or Junk mail), please access your email and open the email.

3- Click on "Verify E-mail Address".

4- Log in to Herotok website by entering your Email and password.

If registered via Facebook or Gmail :

1- From Menu choose "Player Profile".

2- Fill all required information to activate your account.

Subscribe to our events and show us your expertise and creativity in the competitions which will be on live streaming.