About us
About Us

About Us

Do you want to play games and make money at the same time? If yes,https://herotok.com/images/defualt.png

then you have come to the right place! Herotok.com is the website

where you can play different of the world’s best games like, PubG, Call of

Duty, Fifa, Fortnite and many more. But wait this is not everything; Herotok website is also a very enthusiastic and revolutionized gaming platform which will take your gaming experience to the next level by its live tournaments, events, leagues, and daily challenges. Through this

gaming platform you will have the chance to play online to challenge

yourself and your friends from all around the world, have fun, earn some

cash, and win different prizes.




Herotok is not just like any other gaming platform; we have come up

with a crazy idea: a forum for games and electronics lovers where each

subscriber can create his/her personal profile, build his/her audience,

follow other players, get to know other contestants, share games, likes,

write comments, create memories, and videos of these games. This

means having a huge community of addicted games lovers on one

platform with a sole aim to serve and connect people together.lk

How to join? Win 100 dinars
  • Register by creating an account
  • Choose a challenge or tournament
  • Fill in the information for your own team
  • Enjoy rewards and cash rewards
  • Do not forget to pre-register for the tournaments to secure entry